Rid your house and gardens of troublesome, destructive stray animals for good, with Strayban's unique ultrasonic technology...

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  1. Get rid of stray animals for good with Strayban.

    Humans can’t hear the high-frequency sound Strayban creates, but for animals, well, imagine a very loud alarm clock going off 24/7 in a room in which you have to sleep and work. You wouldn’t hang around very long, would you? No. You’d go and look for somewhere where there’s peace and quiet. And, of course, that’s exactly what animals do, too. They’ll leave your house for good, while ever it is you have Strayban on guard. It doesn’t harm animals in any way whatsoever; it’s just unbearable for them to be around.

    Strayban is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, it uses approximately the same energy as your tv in standby mode.

    We know it works, and soon you will too! Buy Now.
    90-day money back guarantee. 12 month warranty.

    The Garden Clinic uses and recommends Strayban.

    • Works with possums, dogs and cats.
    • No harm to your pets.
    • No mess in your garden.
    • Permanent ultrasonic barrier.
    • 90 day money back guarantee.*
    • 12 month warranty.
    • * proof of purchase required.

    Our customers say:

    “StrayBan has become my best friend and only ally in the war against Victorian possums!”
    M Hunt

    “Many thanks for a great invention. Never again would I be without it.”
    Mauls, Edgeworth.

    “StrayBan is great for keeping cats away from my caged birds and it also works on the neighbour’s dogs.”
    Sandra, Warners Bay.